Saturday, June 18, 2011

Blood Angels Army Display Board

I have a lot of Blood Angels, so a 2'x2' board is not going to display them all. my goal is for this board to display my Armies on Parade BA, as opposed to my two other painting styles BA groups. I've never made a display board. I wasn't even happy with the way my realm of battle board came out. Learning on that experience, I am not going to attempt to apply a wash to the whole board. I need to keep the contrast down so the models show up. At least that is my theory.

This is the first step. The board was cut, my styrofoam hills added, along with rhino bits and sand. My goal is to let this dry till this evening, and then remove the spillover sand and see what other details I need to add. The unpainted version of this is pretty close to the colors I am going for so I think my BA will really stand out on this.

Now I've got to get back to finishing my sanguinary guard! Then on to tanks....sometimes this feels like a job

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