Monday, June 6, 2011

Grey Knight Army Progress

I've switched gears to Blood Angels, and soon will switch to IG vehicles for Heroes of Armageddon, so I wanted to put some better shots of my Grey Knights up here. After buying all of those GK kits, I ended up painting only two new miniatures. The rest are old GK or Inquisitor miniatures that I never got around to painting. I am really happy with how the army is coming, but BA are calling.


  1. You've got a really bracing way of painting which I like a lot. The color gradients are very smooth and the minis appear homogenous.

  2. Thanks! I think my use of the air brush to lay down base layers, and even washes helps a lot. It allows me to work in whole unit batches that keep the colors consistent.

  3. Wow, these look really great! Every now and then I consider getting into airbrushing, and I think your work convinced me. :)
    Where did you buy the cool bases?