Saturday, June 18, 2011

Armies On Parade!

After struggling with my display board all day, I am now on the home stretch! I still have to finish painting eyes, gems, weather the tanks. By tomorrow evening, just in time for Game of Thrones, I should have this complete.

Now, since I painted this without regard to army lists, is there a viable list in here?


  1. Well done! I saw your first post this morning and immediately saved the pictures as reference for when I make my own board later this month.

    I think you did a great job with it. And the army looks even better!

  2. Don't know the army list overly well having only played against Blood angels a few times now, but it looks like you have 6 elites and 3 hq's?

    Does it have to be legal for the Armies on Parade then?

    Looks magic though man, well done!

  3. The rules only say general and two troops, so hopefully it does not have to be a legal Army! I just want a list that is playable with it now. The hazards of painting what you like rather than what is useful I guess. :)

  4. The trick to get the really cool color gradients is to water down khermi brown 50/50 and let the colors separate. The brown will stay on the higher surfaces, and the blackish color will pool in the crevices. I used two colors of army painter to start it off. I sprayed brown as the base coat and then bone as the second coat. Then the Khermi wash went on. I was careful to put more wash on the lower areas, and a thinner version of it on the hill section. Once that was done I had to dry brush deheneb stone to make the lower portion match my bases, but would have otherwise stopped if color matching was not an issue.

    The sand on the foam is can be bought at a paint store. It is the stuff that is normally mixed into paint to make a slip free surface.

  5. Nice looking army for sure, I love the way all of the power weapons look, everything looks really cool.