Sunday, February 13, 2011

BA Terminator Librarian

After having so much fun painting the BA dread and the jump pack Sergeant, I thought I would take a stab at one of the the Space Hulk miniatures. This guy will either lead the Land Raider assault, or the Storm Raven assault (picked up a Storm Raven last night!). I used a lot of air brushing on this guy, which I am really proud of. The base is one of the resin bases, I have been tinkering with, and works well with the pose this guy comes in. I have a red micro-pen which I plant to use to mark up the prayer sheet on his leg, and on his magical tome. I would like to make the marking look like cuneiform, but so far my practice markings have not worked out very well. I have the FW BA transfers, but I need to wait until I have some gloss varnish before I try them again. I mucked up part of the libby dread and I don't want a repeat of that. (I used microsol and microset, but they still went on poorly)

When I went to the GW store yesterday I spent some time looking at the Armies on Parade contest. I really want to participate in it, but have never made an army display board. June 25th seems kind of close if I want to really lavish time on the Army. If I want to take BA, then I will have to completely redo my army with my new style. I was thinking though that a lessor known chapter might make a bigger splash.

Color Schemes for Marines (BA,DA or just turned Chaos)
  • Pastel Green / light Purple with gold trim (just turned or turning to Chaos)
  • DA green / Bleached Bone (DA successor)
  • flesh Tearers
  • Blood Red / Bleached Bone (BA successor)
  • My Iron Scythes scheme with new models (and painted this decade!) I could also cast some roman crests to add to their helmets.
Units I would like to include:
  • Storm Raven
  • Rhino
  • Land Speeder
  • Jump pack troops
  • Tactical Squad
  • Dreadnought
  • Terminators
  • Hanger bay with rearmament vehicles, servitors, and chapter serfs preparing the drop ships. (storm raven in this case)
  • Hive city ruins with flying units up top and ground units driving through rubble.
  • broken up desert battlefield with destroyed ultramarines vehicles, and dead strewn about. The bright blue would add a striking color, and it is always fun seeing another chapter picking up the pieces. A few live ultramarines could be in consultation with the BA relief force. That would let me integrate red and blue and not have my librarians sticking out so much.
Just some ideas.... How much of a diorama is needed on these boards? Does anyone know? Should I repaint my Squat army instead?


  1. That is the best Librarian I have ever seen1

  2. Nice fig! Always like to see what you're up to..

  3. As usual, stunning piece!

    As for the board, I love the idea of a hangar, I think it's quite a unique plan as I usually see the desert/jungle/snow theme on most boards.

    I've been tossing around the idea of the inside of a Thunderhawk cargo bay with Stormraven and other vehicles as well as the troops getting ready to engage the enemy.

    OR, the courtyard of one of the Blood Angel Fortresses on Baal. So a mix of red desert with some Imperial architecture.