Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Kit Bashed Librarian Dreadnought Part 1

I started a new Blood Angel's army when I first got back into 40k after a long hiatus, and consequently after a few years my painting style had changed. Since my first BA dread with FW CCW, I have moved on to heavy air brushing, and shading, giving a slightly comic book feel to the force. In preparation for my first libby dread, I purchased on dreadnought FW CCW and one Grey Knight dreadnought force weapon. I have had these pieces sitting in a box for ages.

As it turns out, work has been pretty busy, so I have not been able to make it out to the GW store. Rather than pass up the opportunity, I decided to finally convert my own libby anyway. This guy will eventually be towed behind a storm raven, but that requires me to have some time to shop.

My new BA recipe is the same for vehicles as it is for dreads or troops.

  1. Prime Black
  2. Spray Gore Red lightly, keeping as much black as possible.
  3. Spray Blood Red
  4. Mix in Blazing Orange into the airbrush and highlight edges.
  5. Spray with diluted baal red (this step is probably a bad idea! since it removes a lot of the shading in favor of richer color)
I have held off putting battle damage on my new BA, but I think I am going to go with chardon granite followed by chainmail. Som heavy streaking of black will follow.


  1. Looking GREAT!! I can't wait to get an airbrush, I am planning to do the same sort of thing as your recipe with my World Eaters when I get them started towards the end of the year.

    Keep up the good work!

  2. You will love the airbrush. It takes patience, and as you can see from my work, I constantly over air brush, but it is just so fun! It was my best hobby purchase since buying GW washes. Make sure you buy some acrylic thinner. It makes it far easier to use.

  3. Cool mate, thanks for the tip on the thinners! I think it helps the drying time as well right?

    Yeah I think it will take my stuff to a new level and speed up the process a lot at the same time (which I am quite excited about, conceivably I could get the base red like this down on a few squads in an afternoon).

    Nice smooth blends like you have here will mean I'm just really going to be going over them to do battle damage and metallics.

    Much excitement!

    Keen to see this Lib Dread finished!