Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Transfers the Easy Way: You were all right!

After doing a pretty poor job putting transfers on my dreadnought a few of you suggested I use gloss varnish along with microsol and microset. You were right! I did not have gloss varnish, but I used GW 'ardcoat, followed by microset on the shoulder, followed by microsol on the transfer. I could not be more pleased! The transfer has none of the weird air bubble discoloration that the dread had. I should have been using gloss varnish a long time ago! The only downside is that I had to use testors dull coat, which after a mishap a while back has left me fully in the camp of those who do not varnish models at all!

I should listen to other people's advice more often!


  1. How did you use those on the transfers? Who makes the microsol and microset? Cheers!

  2. I am not sure who makes microsol, but a quick search on amazon will find it for you! I used microset on the shoulder pad after I had let the gloss varnish dry. It acts like decal glue. After it sat for a few minutes, I doused the microsol on the the top of the decal. microsol acts like decal melting solution, which makes the decal take the form of the underlying surface and look painted on. It took a few coats of microsol, and me pressing it smooth using a paper towel Second best hobby purchase after the air brush.