Saturday, April 17, 2010

Blue Power Weapons

For 20+ years I have not liked blue power weapons. I may associate painting swords blue as something from my childhood, and that the more gritty realistic approach to painting is the adult way to paint. (if such a thing is possible when talking about painting toys!) However with the blood angels release, fantasy like poses, and over the top style, I could not resist. So may I present My Sanguinary guard with bright blue patterned weapons!

My honor guard have dry brushed blueish weapons, but for these guys a went with a very bright layered scheme. To get the fine white edge highlighting I just put some tamiya thinner on one of my detail brushes and just erased the painting along the edge. I used the thinner to try and soften the blends a bit by just painting the thinner on the blades and allowing the blue to run together.

It is going to be weird to paint flesh tearers after this, since they have a much different appearance.


  1. Holy smokes, those swords look fantastic!!!
    Any chance of getting a tutorial on how you did that?

  2. Mighty fine work there. They certainly look the part, love the blue weapons! Armour a great clour too.

  3. Awesome work. I'm scared to start working on my Sang Guards now that I've seen yours :-)

  4. Simple but effective power weapons, and they suit the sanguinary guard perfectly! To be honest, for the last years I've thought that "colour" power weapons looked silly (like you did), but that was before I rediscovered my love for the old-school painting style :) I'm working right now on a wraithlord and I'll try painting turquoise on the wraithsword, hope it turns out as nice as yours!

  5. Beautiful work mate, it works so well with BA's but I think it'd be a bit OTT with my guard. I might save the technique for one of my Heroquest models.

    Thanks for sharing!

  6. Thanks for the great comments! I was one paint pot away from using dwarf bronze on them to give them an anachronistic feel. I'm glad I took the chance. I don't think I will use this technique in other armies, but on the other hand, grim colored armies with some splashes of color could be interesting.

    So the blades were pretty fast and loose.

    1) base coat white
    2) watery Ice blue over the blade
    3) mix some white into the previous mixture and paint on some lines
    4) thin down hawk turquoise to paint in between the whiter areas
    5) Inset areas got an asurman blue wash
    6) Using the edge of a brush dipped in tamiya thinner I sort of scrubbed away at the the hard edges, revealing the white base coat

  7. Hmm... They do look good, rather like GW's. I have long done power weapons blue, but I seem to have a darker blue. I do turquoise sometimes. Gotta paint something, been playing too much video games...

  8. They're beautiful.

    I can't even begin to tell you how envious I am of how quickly and how well done you can paint miniatures.

  9. I love what you did with the blades! Your skills continue to improve! Awesome!

  10. Stunningly Great work. The blue is the perfect counterpoint to the red, and they both balance out the Gold really well. Hope mine turn out half as good :)

  11. hey can i talk to you on hotmail or skype on how to paint sanguinary guard?

  12. pm me at my site please