Friday, April 2, 2010

Blood Talons?

Like a lot of BA players, I am busy looking at my old models and trying to figure out what I have to do to get them to work with the new rules. After watching the Beasts of War demonstrate a furioso dreadnought tearing through some terminators, I've decided that I would like to field that option.

So what kind of weapons is my dread equipped with here? These are the forge world power fists, but could they count as blood talons? My BA order has not come in yet so I have no idea what blood talons look like.

In addition to re-equiping units, I am tempted to just paint a new army. My existing force looks pretty good, and it was certainly a lot of fun to play on the table top, but my painting skills are very different now. I am not even sure I could reproduce the orange-red color of my original BA. Maybe the right thing to do is just paint some new units/vehicles, and then end of life my old stuff as it become redundant. That would allow me to field new units faster. It is kind of weird viewing armies as paintings in time, rather than slowly accumulated work.


  1. After receiving my copy of the new codex yesterday, I was pondering this very issue.
    The Blood Talon pictured in the BA codex resembles the left claw of Bjorn the Fell-Handed.
    I'm going to invest in some plasticard and create my own dreadnought blood talons.

  2. blood talons are essentially lightning claws for dreads.
    only hits at str 6 and not 10, but rerolls wounds obviously
    model them on lightning claws and you wont go far wrong

  3. That is one sweet Dreadnought! I love those forge world claws, definitely a fine way to represent Blood Talons.
    Check out mine here:

  4. Nice work on that dread, OSH.The FW claws look awesome.

  5. When i was thinking about blood talons i thought of your dread and came back to check up they were the forgeworld arms! If for some reason you want to do something different; when the new codex space wolves came out, GW put a bunch of converted Bjorn's up on their site which used 'nid (gaunt?) claws stuck onto the standard dread' fist with its fingers cut down. Personally though i like what youve got, the sense of movement makes it stand apart from most dread's out there.