Friday, December 11, 2009

More Deathwing WIP

I just finished an AOBR terminator painted up as part of my deathwing, which gives me 4 out of the 11 I am painting. I was not as patient with this guy, which stands out to me, but I am pleased with how he turned out. I tried to paint a little heraldry the knee pad. What is clear to me from attempting it is that I need to buy new brushes.

One of the things that was better than expected.... The red dark angel transfer on the lightening claws guy. I used micro-set and micro-sol, and am really happy with how it turned out. I almost wish I had another bare shoulder pad so I could use another transfer on another guy.


  1. Very cool. I really like the color of green you've chosen. The flesh tone on the sergeant is also very nice.

  2. Thanks Oni. I gave up on dark angels green and am using Ork Hide green as a base now. It is a little hard for me to use because Ork Hide separates when mixed with water more than the other foundation paints so shading is a little more difficult.