Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Deathwing Victory

My deathwing fought their first battle this past weekend at the local GW, so I thought I should commemorate the event with a class photo! It was only a 1030 point game, but I had a really great time, and can't thank my opponent Bill enough. As some know, the east coast of the US was blanketed by snow this past weekend. I faced a drop pod army captained by Lysander so I did not get to do much deep striking.

I've said ti before, but after that game I can't wait until I have raven wing painted up to join these guys in battle. I think the added maneuverability is going to be a lot of fun, freeing up my terminators to gather kill points.

In terms of painting I have added a lot of little details to the land raider, which are probably visible in the photos. I tried to capture the color and the shading of these guys by using a white poster board to reflect natural light.

This might me my last post this year, so happy holidays to everyone!


  1. Congrats and happy holidays. Love that LR. Awesome Deathwing bone colour and true to fluff stone crux. Nice detailing too.

  2. This army is a real beaut! Something you can be really proud of!

    I like the dark bases, it contrasts the white bone armor nicely. I'd love to see some battle reports with this army. It's a tough one to play, having so few models on the board.

    congrats on some great work

  3. Writing a full on battle report is one of the things I've wanted to do for some time. I'd love to fight another fully painted army, but so far no luck.

    I hope everyone is enjoying the holidays!

  4. Well, if you're ever in the Maryland-DC area, contact me through my blog and we'll set up a game.

  5. My wife and I live on capitol hill, we're just out in MA for the holidays. Let's make this happen in the new year. You have a wonderful Tau Army! I've never played the Tau, which makes it pretty exciting! How about a narrative game?