Wednesday, December 16, 2009


I have just finished Belial, the Captain of the Deathwing. Compared to some of the other terminators he is a little bland. I am considering painting his right leg green, and then adding a larger version of the red over green stripe heraldry as seen on the trooper to the left of him. Overall I am very happy with how the deathwing is turning out, and am looking forward to the final 5 guys being don so I can just lavish details on them. I am convinced that the black bases are the way to go since they provide the most contrast. Maybe I should raise Belial's base up a bit, or add more ruined detail. So far his only distinguishing characteristics are his chaos lord lightening claws.

I have not even constructed the Ravenwing part of the force yet.

My Imperial Guard army is not forgotten, even though I have loads of bikes and speeders to paint. I finally picked up a box of Catachans, so they will be represented in the force. I am really tempted to paint them up with orange jump suits and give them prison numbers.


  1. as usual, your stuff looks absolutely dandy.
    I do agree that Belial should have more stage presence. Think of a Warboss and tranfer that to a Space marine. he should instill fear in his brethern.
    Santa Cruz Warhammer

  2. I've been silently watching your progress on this army. It's stellar work. I think something needs to be done to Belial though. His model just isn't fitting for a man of his stature. You could try giving him the cloak from the Chaos Terminator set or even using that IMperial Fist special character (for got his name) as the basis for a conversion.

  3. Thanks for the great comments!

    I have been trying to fit the chaos lords cloak to Belial, but I glued on a dark angels symbol thing to the top of the armor that keeps the cloak from fitting. Maybe just putting him on a more interesting base would help.

    Blood spatter would look good on these guys and maybe dress them up a bit......