Monday, December 7, 2009

Deathwing Terminator Done

I finished my first deathwing terminator! I think I may go with a dark brown dried earth for my basing, since that would work well with the raven wing that go along with these guys. The red and the green look a bit christmassy to me, but so be it. I want these guys to be pure bone white angels of death. The fact that they have a bit of holiday spirit should not detract.

While painting this guy I learned an invaluable lesson. Do not finish the armor first. I know it seems weird, but I made so many mistakes while painting the little bits on this guy that I ended up having to go back and cover up brush strokes that accidentally hit the blended armor.

So one is done. If I were to assembly line it I think I could have these done by Sunday, but I think I need to slow down and think about some heraldry for a few of the guys. Now that the whole native americas in space background is gone, I think I will focus on medieval heraldry for the guys with knee pads.


  1. Looks good. I hadn't noticed the Christmas thing until you mentioned it tho. Perhaps some brighter highlights would detract from that.

  2. I was thinking of moving the red more towards orange and making the green a little bluer as another option. I have two more guys on the way that I made sure did not have green and red next to each other. I really don't like the dark angles green paint from GW. I love the color their team is able to produce with it, but in my hands it looks translucent.