Wednesday, August 28, 2013

NOVA Open Entries

Neither of my entries are completed, but I am really happy with how this army is shaping up. I think it will be a really interesting force on the tabletop. The grayish stone and dead sons of horus marines complement purple really well. When I paint my living Sons of Horus, I'll make sure that the heroes have vibrant red cloaks and details. That should tie the armies together.

I am not sure how much painting is left in me tonight. It is rather funny that even though I pulled out of the 40k GT, that I am still rushing to finish miniatures. Tomorrow I will have to figure out a 2k marine list for the Narrative event as well.


  1. Holy cow, FULGRIM IS HUGE!
    This whole time I thought he was infantry sized, not dreadnought sized. Great work so far. I cant wait to see it in the case. I'm scaping together a third entry - going to be a collection of my best painted Tau models with some recent edits. Sadly no scenic base for the lot, but I think it will be fun to share with everyone...

  2. Fulgrim also has two bases. He is mounted on a terminator base that gets set inside the larger one.

    I want with a lighter grey base. The dirt on the sides makes it look browner than it is in person. I added a greenish wash called cement followed by great weathering powders.

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