Saturday, August 17, 2013

Fulgrim WIP2 Updated

Older photos below

I pushed through the day and now have the beginnings of a base for Fulgrim! Tomorrow morning I will seal the base and put Sons of Horus transfers on the dead marines. After that comes chipping, and then weathering powders. I was thinking of adding grime streaks to the marines to make it clear that they were on Istavan III during the world eater virus, but that might be too much. I really can't wait to paint up some live SoH troops now that I have recipe I like.

The photos with the unpainted base are truer to color than the ones I took tonight. The hazards of painting all day.

What do you think? Could this mini be entered into the NOVA crystal brush? I see lots of imperfections personally, but I just really love the model and how it is turning out. What do you think?


  1. All the motivators and positive reasons to do submit him aside. I say do it! He'll be a worthy model to be considered for the Crystal Brush. He looks great.

    If you don't submit him then there's no chance of winning.

    You've done impressive work on him.

  2. So if you enter this at NOVA, then you're definitely beating my ork. Amazing work - a flashy model, great paint job, narrative base - that's a recipe for accolades for sure. You should enter for sure.

  3. Please share that recipe for Sons of Horus! Not sure if you've noticed, but his sword is the wrong way round in the first few photos... but looking rather nice :)! CN

  4. Tim & a Sent One: Those are really kind words. I have loads of work still to do on the model. My goal today was to start my actual entries for NOVA, which were supposed to be an Ultramarine Dreadnought, and a DKoK tank. (I put up one of the color tests for the tank a while back)

    Chris: The sword is fixed! thanks for pointing that out. I've had to reglue the thing so often that I did not even notice. It looks much better now.

    The green recipe uses Reaper Master Series paints.

    Jungle Moss
    Highlands Moss
    Highlight with Pale Lichen

    All of that over a black base coat.

  5. You should definitely submit this.

    Have you decided what you're playing in the Narrative / if you're playing in the Narrative?