Monday, August 5, 2013

Fiber Optics & 40K

I had planned to take some shots of two more alternate emperor's children test marines, but a package from micromark arrived and stole my attention away. I bought these fiber optics on a lark, and now I don't know what to do with them. My original idea included using these as runway lights for next year's armies on parade, but there are so many uses. Perhaps they could end up in a land raider, or inside some tau aircraft. My top choice is to use them on the display base as part of a runway/landing pad.

What would you use these lights for?


  1. Honestly I do not like LEDs and fiber optics on 40k models. just personal taste I guess. They just seem to kind of gimmicky and out of place on 40k stuff. But thats me.

  2. See what the new sponsor/vendor at the NOVA Open recommends. They may even teach a seminar

  3. I would say the only really good reason to stick lights in your models is to show off the unseen painted interiors. tanks can look wonderful with interior lights. but outside they look a little gimmicky as Tim says.