Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Trio of Stormtalona WIP 2

Back from vacation, so I was able to spend some time on my Stormtalons. I am really pleased how these guys are turning out. I am trying to get the two talons on the left up to the same level of completeness as the one on the right before I do any additional work. An accent color is definitely needed, which means I will need to mask an area and spray on stripes or something. I broke down and bought a Stormeagle from FW, so I'll have that to paint up to go along with these guys.

I need to clean my painting area. It is horrible. It is a mess. I get pigments and paints all over me as I work on it. I actually spilled a pot of ultramarines blue (you know regal blue) on the floor because I was working in such a cramped space. I just can't bring myself to clean the desk. (the floor is covered in models as well) I feel like one of those crazy people from those reality tv series who hoard crap.

With that said. I have instituted rule #1

1) After these three are complete, my entire work area must be cleaned before a single model gets touched.

What do you think, can I keep to the goal?


  1. Bahahaha no way you'll keep to that goal. Something will draw your attention away ;)

    It took me moving house to eventually tidy up properly and sort out 10 years worth of hoarding :)

    I mean.. Of course you will!

  2. The blues on your models are wonderful.

    I have found that I pull 1 cardboard box of what I need for the session downstairs so I can be with my wife while I paint. That box must be filled and set under the tray I use when the session is done. It helps keep things tidy.

    As far as the hobby room is concerned....... Total Disaster.

    Best of luck!


  3. Hey hey,

    Cleaning your work area is a nice thing to do once in a while. I've noticed I get tense easily when working in a messy environnement. Dunno is everyone reacts the same way.

    I've been lurking around for quite a while now. Found your blog back when I was looking for blood angels work.

    The stuff you do is awesome, thanks for the inspiration.

    I have a question for you: Do you use a spray booth?
    Cause I've tried an airbrush inside and it just won't be possible to work that way.

    Have a nice cleaning session.