Saturday, July 21, 2012

Stormtalon Weathering

Paint chipped, and weathered, these storm talons are only missing testers dull coat to seal the decals before I start working on the bases. One of the details I like is that each pilot has a different stripe on their helmet. In sort of homage to star wars, I used red, orange, and purple.

While pondering cleaning my desk, I put together the bane that is the thunder fire cannon. I love the model, but mine came with so many finecast flaws it was no fun at all to put together. Now given that all I did was put a model together, I don't think I broke my oath to clean my workspace before painting anything new, so there is still a chance I break down and start cleaning. (such a pain because my paint pots are covered in air brush paint dust, so they have to individually cleaned as well)


  1. I like the chipping, that is something I still haven't managed to achieve to great effect yet, even though everyone says it's easy.
    The weathering on the engines looks a bit wrong though, maybe it's the lighting / pics, but it looks like the intake is black with soot and the exhaust is cleanish. It looks a bit backward.
    Nice looking Stormtalons overall, the basing will finish it off nicely. Any ideas on what you might be going with?

  2. I keep going back and looking at these as I am about to start painting mine. These are really nicely done man and I just wanted to say nice work.

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  4. Very nice weathering ! I like it a lot. I'll follow Your blog. If You want, You can follow my blog too.