Saturday, November 12, 2011

Scarab Swarms And Army Shot Update

I love these little scarab models, so this morning I painted ~30 of them! I wanted them to really stand out on the battlefield, so I painted the to the shame standard as my troops. This means for the green carapace I used Moss, Pale lichen, and then a white/lichen mix to shade them. I then used bolt gun metal on the metal parts, badab wash, followed by silver highlight. The little tail sections I hit with dev mud to bring out the details.

I had planned to use a very dark brown basing, much like what I see over on the Vanus Temple , since I have long admired his work, but I think I am going to stick with the basing I created for my Blood Angels. The bases are already littered with ruined imperial bits, and given the BA and Necrons have fought together before, it would bring a little cohesion to my armies. I'll also be able to reuse my display board should I decide to game with these Necrons.

Now, I have to eat a little crow today. While putting together two more Ghost Arks, I noticed that the rib sections go together in a specific order. I have no idea how I missed this with the first Ark, but I did. The arks went together really easily, and the plastic glue worked just fine. Lesson learned.


  1. Man i didnt like your color choice that much in the start mate but i have to say its coming out great!

  2. Reaper Master Series Highlands Moss and Pale Lichen as the highlight.

  3. i Love that minis !

    I got a blog too follow me:

  4. This looks really awesome so far! I can't wait to see future updates and the finished army.
    And thank you for the color walkthrough in your posts, that's also really cool! :)

  5. Great work. Its really impressive how quickly these have been painted and to such a high standard.

  6. It's all cool and I like it. But, what grabbed me was the mention of using the same display board. This is genius! If a display board is non race specific enough, you can use the same board for multiple armies. That kinda blew my mind this morning. At first I thought, what if you have too many 'slots' to set the minis in (if you drill out places to inset your minis), then I realized you could just make blank bases to be place holders. That would be awesome. Now I just need to finish two armies and a display board to try it out!