Friday, November 11, 2011

My Great Necron Batch Painting Challenge

So I've set myself the unrealistic goal is to complete two squads of Necron warriors and 1 10 man squad of Necron immortals today.  I really want to jump in and paint all of the new vehicles and units, but I think if I can power my way through these troops I will at least have the start of a playable army. I am pretty speedy when it comes to vehicles anyway, so I think my army will grow pretty quickly one these guys are covered. I do not plan to base these guys today or paint over the green rods.

I've been working since 8:30 AM this morning using my new IWATA airbrush to get the base color on all of the models. The recipe so far is:


  1. Base coat of chaos black
  2. Reaper Master Series Highland Moss (darkish green)
  3. Reaper Master Series Pale Lichen (the mid tone)
  4. 1/1 Skull White and Pale Lichen for highlights

I got a lot of good feedback from my test model, and I have not decided what to do with the Necron heads yet. I like the ida of using purple as a secondary color throughout the army. Gold on purple looks pretty good, and has a nice regal feel. I was thinking of keeping the heads space wolf grey, but using purple stripes on the Immortals. The main characters would then have the following colors:

Mint Green
Dark Coal Grey
Space Wolf Grey

I think that would look pretty good, but the heads will be done last so I have time today if there are any other suggestions.

Wish me luck. If there is any interest I can update this post with photos as I progress. The next 3 hours will be spent painting joints Boltgun metal and applying dev mud and badab black washes, so I doubt there will be much interest seeing photos of that.

*EDIT 2:16 PM*
I have finally finished painting all the joints metallic.  I have also painted all of the guns black, and painted dwarf bronze on the torso details. The bronze is still drying, and I plan to take a break for a few hours.  Painting can be exausting.


  1. Good luck man!
    It's a hard push to get them done in a night, but boy does it feel good when you're done ;)

  2. Still plugging away. I may only get 24 necrons done today. I am getting tired of painting!