Monday, November 7, 2011

Ghost Ark Rant

So like many of you, I rushed out an bought a whole neuron army this past weekend. I've got a color scheme I am really looking forward to painting, but the deal is that I cannot start painting until the whole army is built. That way, I can ensure the colors and blending are the same, as well as minimize base color painting time, since I can do it in bulk with my airbrush. I had planned to share photos of my mint green enamel colored nectrons tonight, but that was before I met the ghost ark.

Ok---now the rant.

Seriously..what do I have to do to keep the spine of the thing together. I have glued, scraped, re-glued, and repeated the following process so much at this point that I am slowly dissolving the spine. It looks more organic now that when I bought it. Why on earth did they not just create a support spine running the length of the kit, and then have the spines snap into it. The two sprue symmetry would still work. I love the finished ghost ark kit, and I really want to paint it, but glue has to dry...again.


  1. Ouch. Sorry, don't know enough about the kit to really offer much useful advice.

    As much as I hate the stuff, you might want to try instead using superglue with an accelerant.

    Good luck!

  2. That was a really good suggestion. I ended up trying plastic glue on most of the rib joints with a dab of super glue on the top of each piece to help it stay structurally sound while drying. I think this is the right path going forward.


  3. Yeah im building my second Ghost Ark at the mo', and have had no problems with either using super glue.

  4. I'm trying my very hardest not to buy a billion Necron things. I still have my Dark Eldar army to build up and I cannot have another army before then. As much as I REALLY, REALLY want to. :'(

  5. I had no problems, I used super glue rather than plastic. My friend used plastic and had problems with it sticking. I think the interlocking pins could have been a bit longer as it's a lot of weight to support. Maybe try putting something through the middle, bit of sprue or paper clip?

  6. I think the most embarrassing thing is that I have not ruined a model in this way in a long time. I feel like I built the equivalent of the jelopy rhino that a 4th grader put together with 4 bottles of glue. You know the one, with the tracks glued on wrong, the hatches missing, and giant globs of molten plastic. I have two more arks on the way, so the new technique should work out for me.

    side rant: I used liquid green stuff for the first time, and now I feel compelled to wait for my order to come in before I start painting. Life was easy before LG. Now I feel the need to correct every flaw in a finecast model!

  7. Tenax-7R Plastic Rewelder is probably the greatest thing going for this kind of application. You put the pieces together, touch the end of a small brush to the joint, and SEVEN seconds later, it's as strong as the plastic. If you need to, you CAN pull it apart, but it's easier to make sure you're doing it right first...