Sunday, November 27, 2011

Easy Necron Flying Base Tutorial

I am a big fan of easy basing, so a while ago I started experimenting with creating washes out of heavily diluted GW foundation paints. Eventually I settled on a dusty desert world look. Originally this style of basing was created for my Blood Angels, but after painting up my first Necrons, and reading that they had a penchant for destroying imperial worlds, I decided to use the same style for their bases.

Step 1: Glue a bunch of imperial debris on the top of the flying bases. Cut the debris up as much as possible so there there are plenty of grooves for the wash to settle into.

 Step 2: Prime white.

 Step 3: Using a 50/50 water Khemri brown foundation mix, paint the entire base, leaving puddles of the paint. The paint will separate into the darker blackish color, and into all kinds of the shades of brown as the paint dries. It is important to keep the paint very watery so this can happen.
 Step 4: In order to tie all the bases together, unifying all of the variants of brown, a dry brush of Dehenb stone is done over the entire base.  A 50/50 mix of white glue and water is then dabbed on the base in patches where dry static grass will be added.

 The end result is a simple base, with enough color variation to really help models stand out.


  1. Looking good. Did the Imperial Debris come from your bitz box, or does GW sell something called "Imperial Debris" now. I know they started selling basing kits, but I don't get into GW stores much. I tend to use pre-cast resin bases most of the time now, though I also spruce up boring plastic bases, especially the 40mm ones as I don't have a collection of resin ones in that size.

  2. These are chunks of bases that I cast in resin. I only use resin bases myself these days. The original bases were from my bits box, but they are all resin casts these days as I ran out of rhino bits.