Sunday, September 12, 2010

Tau Stealth Suits Painted With Washes

Last night while my wife watched the Sex and the City movie, I painted my first stealth suit team. Using the pure wash technique I learned painting the stealthy fire warrior, I was able to get these guys done extremely quickly. One slight alteration from my normal painting method, is to go back over some areas of the paint chipping with dots of sepia wash. This makes some of the paint chips look older than the rest. Overall I am really happy with how the tau are turning out. I plan to finish up the red fire warrior squad today, though my purchase of one of those Kroot gorilla looking horse things is providing a difficult temptation. I would love to paint up some vehicles or battle suites as well.


  1. Am really loving that tau mate! and its even quick to do? damn need to pay alot of attention on this blog.

  2. These are all great, and you've given me some great jumping off points when mine finally come in the mail (namely your blue and green Firewarriors).

    Question: What kind of primer color are you starting with? Also, how exactly do you apply the wash as "paint"? I've tried this technique in the past, and its always resulted in thin watery coats that don't really achieve anything.

  3. These came out looking pretty good, well done.