Wednesday, September 8, 2010

City Kroot

After making all of those stone roadway bases, I had to put them to use. Like most painters, a lonely unit of unbased models waited on my painting desk. In truth I have several units awaiting bases. I've got some Tyranids gaunts that have been partially completed for months now. Rather than waste my new cleaner bases on the kroot, I painted over the resin bases that I had used for color tests. Watered down chardon granite followed by astronomicon grey dry brushing worked out so well it is not one of my favorite painting recipes. Add a sepia wash over the top, followed by careful drybrushing of astro-grey once the wash is dry, and you'll have what I think is a pretty cool color scheme.

So now I have city kroot. I suppose this means I have decided on the basing for the tau army and I should start constructing it. I am pretty excited about this prospect, except for the fact that I have a giant collection of FW stuff to paint. I keep squirreling it away, saving it for the day that I can really paint. It seems like such a waste to not jump feet first into pre-heresy given that I have 50+ pre heresy marines now. Or maybe I should put that titan together, or the death korps of krieg? Let's not forget the grey knight army that is primed and waiting to go, or the voystroyans I have been hording in a basket under my desk.

Perhaps I need to challenge myself by speed painting an army in a month. Maybe I need to finally unearth my unpainted striking scopions and paint some up. After all Path the Warrior was such a good book that I actually like Eldar again. (seriously, go read it!)


  1. What paints/washes did you use for the kroot skin?

  2. Awesome kroot, dude, and if you're starting a Tau army, you're going to need them!

    I should have figured out a wash-method for my kroot. They take me sooooo damn long.

  3. Dev mud, sepia, and black are the washes used on the kroot! If I could have an all Kroot army I would!