Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Army Painter Primer

So with some ultra cool home made resin bases, I just had to paint up a test mini to put on one of them. Since I painted my sample bases grey, I thought yellow would provide very interesting contrast. My last attempt at yellow was so-so. This time I was armed with Army Painter yellow primer. The miniature turned out ok, but the primer did not cover the grey plastic very well. This encouraged me to keep spraying more of it on, rather than just dealing with a light coat. Once the mini was primed yellow, I started having some problems. For some reason my GW paint would not stick to the paint. The behavior was that of oil and water. I struggled through it, using far more paint than I would have liked. I like to thin my paints and use a lot of washes, which was very difficult to do with this base coat. I think I will stick with white primer and air brushes for base coats going forward.


  1. I had no like with Army Painter colour primers either. They always gave a certain texture to my models and the coverage was not even at all. I have tried red and green and it was both the same, on plastic and resin miniatures.
    You got a pretty good result anyways so it's not all bad though.

  2. I really dislike their black primer. It covers ok, but it has a really glossy sheen to it. It is almost like there is no tooth for the basecoat layer to stick to. Not recommended.