Wednesday, September 8, 2010

How about red brick? HDR iPhone Photo

The new iPhone iOS came out today with HDR photos. I had a bunch of minis without bases. I happened to have a bunch of easy to cast molds. You can see where this is going. Basically I have been randomly basing all of the test minis I have. Since at some point I am going to paint up some space wolves, I thought I should find a base color that works with the cool tones of their armor. I am really pleased with the adobe red brick color, and think it might just stick. Add a little dead grass and I think it is a winner.

I am not sure about the quality of the HDR photos. I think my cannon XSI produces better images.


  1. Your figs always look great, well done once again...

  2. Nice color. What brand/color is that?

  3. Reaper Masters Series. I am experimenting with a lot of different paints. I have another paint test coming your way OSH. :)