Saturday, June 19, 2010

Tutorial: Press Mold For Easy Terminator Basing

I've had a bunch of grey knight terminators sitting in a drawer for a while and finally got the itch to paint them. I decided to create a terminator sized press mold just as I did for regular infantry, and just squeeze out a few bases. I think the cracked desert bases will look nice with the terminators, since I'll be adding a light colored warm base, to a cool colored darkish model. The contrast should be nice. My wife was kind enough to take the photos, which tell the story pretty well. If you have any questions fire away. The only steps not shown here are the sanding of the top of the bases (because they are still curing) and the painting. I am going to douse them in FW weathering powder before I varnish them just to see what happens. I liked the effect I got last time, but not enough powder stayed on the bases.


  1. Seconded! You could even make each base more individual by enlarging you press template in size. That way you can just apply it randomly each time in a slightly different spot. You'd always have a large enough template to cover the full base as well as adding some more individuality to each base.

  2. That is a great idea. I made it a little larger to deal with centering problems, but a big random pattern would be far better. It would be awesome if someone made press molds for this that we could just buy!