Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Storm Wardens Land Raider WIP 3: Weathering

The weathering of Tempest Lex has begun. These shots are just before the purity seal went on, so the forge world powders look a bit extreme. I was tempted to pull way back from heavy weathering given how nice the the blues had turned out, but in the end this is a venerable battle tank. It needs dents, scratches, and bullet holes.


  1. That looks great. I play Crimson Fists (another dark blue chapter). This is great inspiration for my tanks.

  2. The blues really did come out well here, so it's good you held back on the weathering. Am curious though, do you add "text" to the banners and Purity Seals?

  3. I haven't added text to the seals or the name plate. I am having trouble writing Tempest Lex in the space available. I may have to shorten the name a bit.