Friday, June 18, 2010

storm Wardens Land Raider WIP 4: Weathering

The last photos were so bad I felt compelled to put these up. The varnish has gone on now, so I can handle the LR without fear of scratching it up. This is the first model I varnished in a long time, so I was really nervous about doing it. I've got plenty of posts that show frosted minis. This time it turned out great. The varnish worked the weathering powders into the tank tracks, making it look much better. I am not sure much of the weathering powder on the skirts made it through the varnish blast, but I am happy with the outcome.

I've also learned another lesson. Skip out from work at lunch and run home to take photos during bright daylight!

I am really tempted to paint up some other stuff for the storm wardens project. With all of the big name talent painting up portions of it I feel really lucky to be able to participate. Those who have followed my early postings know that I am alive today because of really good surgical care. It only takes on emergency like that to learn how fragile our lives are. Doctors Without Borders is a wonderful organization providing care where there is none. Kudos to SCW for this idea!

I hope whomever ends up with this army brings it to games day. I am committed to going, and making sure I stop by the jawaballs club table.


  1. I absolutely love the model, and I think it looks just gorgeous.

    But I also know that I'm a competitive gamer at heart, and I nerd rage!!1!one! at the 1.5" loss of range on those hurricane bolters by putting them on the back. Lol

    Great job other than my small complaint. :D

  2. Cool mud effect! May I ask how you did that? Ill go look through ur older posts also...

  3. The dried mud is airbrushed calthan brown/bleached bone followed by bleached bone. The recipe is Dave Taylor's so I can't take credit for this, even though I would love to!