Friday, March 19, 2010

Weathering Powders:Rust and Soot

I decided to weather the tracks with forge-world weathering powders last night, and on a whim decided to try and use the powders like paint to cover the unpainted exhausts on the Russ. I used a wet brush to dab the rust powder on, and then mixed in soot colored powder for the exhaust tops. I really like the way it is looking, and am now trying to clean up the areas that I accidentally dabbed with the pigment.


  1. Looks pretty good- and like the way the turquoise of the plas works with the rest of your adobe-esque palette.

  2. can't help it, your paintjob is as always excellent plus. It's so different from mine and your's are so much nicer to look at. It must be the airbrush combo with the bone highlight.

    great stuff
    Santa Cruz Warhammer

  3. I think is all about the airbrush! It seems like every time I touch a brush to tanks these days I detract from the paint job. If I could do everything with the airbrush I would!

  4. Beautiful tanks. The colors are fantastic, and the whole palate really works wonderfully together. I'm curious to hear more about the rust powders. Do you need to seal them somehow to keep them from, well, powdering off after you've placed them? Also, do they mix well with water? Obviously, I've yet to try them myself, but the effect looks absolutely amazing and I'd like to give them a bash.
    Great posts.