Saturday, March 20, 2010

Valdor Tank Hunter Verdigris

I just added a little bit of verdigris to the copper areas on the tank. I am regretting the wash around the metal plates a bit since it makes the tank a little messier than it was when I started.

The tank was base coated black
Armor Sections
  1. Air brush of vallejo model color middlestone 70882
  2. Air brush a dusting of vallejo model color sand yellow 70916
Gun Barrel
  1. Air brush tin bitz, leaving black in the crevices
  2. Mix tin bitz with bolt gun metal and dust the gun barrel
  3. Blue Azurman wash towards the tip
The decals are coming next.


  1. Looks great, especially the verdigris!

  2. Superbly painted mate, really unusual colour scheme that really works!