Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Valdor Tank Hunter WIP 1

While away on travel I received an order from forge world containing my first all resin kit. I've purchased upgrades before, so I knew I was getting into something difficult with this one. The valdor is supposed to be a venerated dark age of technology vehicle according to the books, and has a nice retro-ww1 tank meets 1950s robot future thing going on. My order contained a hydra-flak tank as well, but it just does not have the same visual interest as the valdor to me.

So, after trimming away flash and resin spurs I've just started bending the resin back into shape. The process is simple
  1. look at instructions so you know what a piece is supposed to look like
  2. get two pots of water, one steaming hot, and one with ice water
  3. dip the resin you want to reshape into the hot water
  4. bend back into shape
  5. dip the re-formed resin into the ice water to set the shape.
  6. have wife walk into the kitchen and laugh at the gun barrel shape
So I have a whole lot of parts to slightly bend into shape. I think the tank is going to take far less time to paint than the preparation!


  1. Don't you just hate warped resin. I spent ages trying to get my vanquisher barrel straight.

    Can't wait to see them painted up mate.

  2. I gave up on a hellhound, I figure that from all the heat, that would be bound to happen to a flame tank. Can't do that railguns though, they gotta be straight. I don't envy you with that valdor cannon, that's an awfully thick piece to have to bend.