Sunday, April 3, 2016

Space Wolves Classic Rhino WIP Part 2

I may paint more than one of these, so It is time for some recipes.


  • Vallejo Model Air RAL 7028 Dark Yellow base
  • GW Yriel Yellow mid tone
  • GW Yriel Yellow + Vallejo RAL 1015 Pale Sand 50/50


  • GW The Fang Air
  • GW Russ Grey Air
  • GW Fennrisian Grey Air

  • Vallejo model air RLM 84 Grey  base
  • Vallejo model air 70918 Ivory mixed into the above  highlight

Now that the housekeeping is done. The major progress here is on paint chipping, some filters, and some streaking effects. I went with German command vehicle markings to try and tone down the viking child handwriting rune stuff GW Space Wolf vehicles sometimes have going on. I like how the white and red contrast nicely with the pale blue, and echo the warmth of the yellow doors.

In terms of iconography, I've decided to use the SW company symbol instead of that of any one great company. I just think it looks more regal. These guys need to look less wild and more compenent  as they march off to kill Thousand Sons. All the normal space wolf stuff is just too overboard for me. Accent, not feature should be the key here.


  1. Love this the yellow is very striking, the armour chipping and streaking looks great too! The only thing I would change is some weathering on the symbols.

  2. yeah i agree, the 40k wolves are a bit less savage than the 30k legion of old. great work so far!

  3. I agree, very nice painting, but the symbols, especially the numbering could do with some weathering. The numbers does not look like they belong. They kind of pop a bit to much as they are now. Otherwise, great work with the blue grey scheme.

  4. Good points about the red numbers. I used a blue filter to try and get them to relax into the background. Since that did not work, I'll take some of my base color and overspray them. With a heavily diluted mixture it should help them sit back into the distance. Alternately, I could spray dust over them.

  5. Awesome work as always man !! 8)

  6. Lovely modulation John. Just stellar!

  7. Great achievement, love the weathering contrast, yes; maybe it would look better if the lettering are bit weathered too. Doesn't hurt to make it less brand new... Overall, love it, keep up the Good works!