Saturday, April 2, 2016

Space Wolves Classic Paint Scheme WIP

I decided to take a break from painting WW2 miniature for a while and up a classic Space Wolves rhino. I've been in a pensive mood of late, resigned to the fact that I will be spending the next two weeks in court suing the destroyer of my company. With that in the background, I needed something classic and simple to paint. I've never liked the powder blue space wolves color scheme, but since I already had the GW air brush paints, it seemed like as good a choice as any.

First off, I have no idea what thinner to use with these airbrush paints. I tried X20-A and alcohol. Alcohol caused the paint to clump up. X20-A appeared to do the trick, but I did have drying issued with the air brush needle. Overall, I like the paints. I am impressed with their translucency, and ease of blending. I think the model speaks for itself. Even in just base colors, it looks pretty interesting.

Now that the base coat is down, the next step is paint chipping. I'll follow that with a coat of varnish and then oils. The GW airbrush paint is not terribly durable, so I think it is wise to skip past the details and get some varnish on the surface to protect it. I am concerned about the blue paint cracking due to the varnish drying, but there is not much I can do about that besides keeping the varnish layer thin.

It will be interesting to see if historical model weathering techniques can make this goofy color scheme work.


  1. That looks great, those panels are awesome!

    Good luck with the court case as well matey

  2. ugh court. I feel your pain. Nice rhino, completely forgot about the GW AB paints, they look good so far :)

  3. Glad you have a nice distraction from the RL events, hopefully the law and truth will prevail. Good luck.

  4. Beautifully done, that's a perfect look for the old-school scheme - Though I can't exactly say I agree with your choice of legion. ;)

    ...All is dust!

  5. Looks amazing, John. I also think it's a nice contrast to all the WWII stuff you've been working on.