Friday, April 22, 2016

AB 20mm British Airborne

Continuing our groups move from 28mm to 20mm (1/72 scale) models,  I picked up some AB miniatures British Airborne to round out our troop choices. I have become a huge fan of AB, and am really enjoying the painting process.

As is customary with me, I am painting the entire platoon of 45 miniatures at once. What you see here are just a few models taken closer to completion in order for me to refine the process as I go. In this shot you can see the sole camouflage jacket attempt. I looked up what  the camo was supposed to look like and it really just looked like the brits took paint brushes and slopped it on. My rendition is bad though. It is probably just a matter of working at this scale, but I think I have to lighten the colors significantly if I attempt the tri-colored camo again.

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  1. 45 at once? Wow. I start getting twitchy at a dozen...