Thursday, February 11, 2016

Homemade Static Grass Applicator

My last static grass applicator was made out of an electronic fly swatter. This time around I decided to build it completely from scratch. It should be perfectly clear from my setup, that I am not an electrical engineer, electrician, or any sort of authority on the safety of building such a thing. I just wanted one. So I went online and purchased a negative ion generator(JP-D1221 ~ $10). The one I bought came with two white wires with brushes at the ends. The wiring was pretty simple.

  • Cut off the brushes from the two white wires on the negative ion generator. (the black box in the photo)
  • Connect both of these to a metal screen. In the photos my bases are sitting on the screen. 
  • Add a second wire to the negative pole on the battery. This wire will lead to a second screen, which is attached to an old paint brush. In this photo that assembly is sort of in the middle right of the top photo. This assembly is the shaker. 
  • Place bases covered in PVA on the lower screen
  • Flip switch if you have added one.
  • Add static grass to the applicator-spoon thingy
  • Shake it. Shake it.......

That is it. I had already tried to add a second layer of glue on top of the still drying static grass placed during my first go around. This mucked up the bases a bit, but the concept works in principle.  I think it is time for me to go out and buy some different lengths of static grass.


  1. Wait...just sticking it on by dipping bases into a lot wasn't good enough?

    1. :)

      I have plans for this. I plan to use static grass 2-3 times as long. The first step was creating a reliable way to add it. Imagine a muddy field with trampled grass and un-trampled grass. Imagine an entire board covered in tulips for a nice market garden game.

  2. I applaud your efforts good sir. I mean that is so much more than I would do but bravo!

  3. Science PLUS Art EQUALS Realistic Art

    Nice! Did you come by the idea by yourself?

    1. Not at all! I looked at all the static grass application videos on youtube and pieced the process together in a way that worked for me. Youtube is an excellent modeling resource!

  4. since your generator has 2 wires instead of 1 ...could you still set it up like the others from oakly electronics ?

  5. Is your description correct? Negative wire conect too old brush? Looking on photo i suposee it's should be red one.