Thursday, January 21, 2016

Normandy Table WIP Step 1

They look a bit rough at the moment, but once the gallon of glue dries I'll be able to move onto the next step, which is smoothing out the roads and making them more of a tan color. These work as muddy roads, but I'd like the center of the road to be dry. The river section will get some work tomorrow as well, gaining rocks and foliage. The bridge i ordered will not arrive until next week, so the water effects won't be able to go in for quite a while.

So, with that laundry list of things to do, I am pretty pleased that this only took half a day to get to this point. I think once all of the details are added it will start looking more the part. I am hoping that the board is spongy enough to allow me to use pins to stick in trees and telephone poles. That is the main purpose of the test.

One of the down sides of the board so far, is that even in this wet state, the models are hard to see. Their bases match the boards well enough that visually the troops kind of hide on the table.


  1. Looking good so far .

  2. Yes it is indeed looking good so far. :)

  3. Can you let me know how you did the substructure of the board? Is it just 1" MDF board?