Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Bolt Action At 1/72 Scale

I've been thinking about scales, and not just because of the New Year! I've been painting 1/72 scale miniatures. Crazy right? This feels like something the old timers did way back when. I just couldn't resist the idea of playing Bolt Action/Battlgroup Overlord at this scale. I think most of our terrain will port over just fine. The real benefit is going to be having additional vehicles on the table and having it look uncluttered. I love the idea of having a group of 5 Stugs supporting a maxed out platoon. With these little guys I think it will work on our normal tables.

Has anyone else played war-games using 1/72 scale models? My plan is to use our existing terrain, but with the scaled down miniatures


  1. Ton more detail in this scale. Looks great John! Happy new year btw!

    1. The miniatures are less detailed since they are much smaller than 28mm, but you are right about the tanks. A lot of the kits I bought came with brass etch which adds to the realism significantly. On the other hand, many of the kits have 50 or more pieces, which is absurd for such small items.

  2. Bolt action works very well in 1/72.

  3. Looking forward to this. Especially playing Battlegroup.

  4. Really super work ... looks fantastic!

  5. Years ago, we played quite a bit of WWII using 1/72 models and 40K Panzer battles which was an online adaptation of 3rd edition 40K rules. Still have all these models and want to try modulation on them.