Saturday, December 6, 2014

Autumn Trees and Bolt Action Germans

Despite a lack of posting, I have managed to get quite a bit of work accomplished. I finally decided that I wanted to have a table's worth of nice terrain. I think I've got the trees handled for now, and am ready to move onto the next pieces. So, how do people make rivers? I really want to paint river sections, but it seems like rivers would be heavy, difficult to store, and fragile if I made them out of plaster which is my normal building material. So how should I proceed? I really like the idea of having rivers, because I want to build bridges, but I am not inclined towards more storage nightmares.

So terrain aside for a moment, I do have some painting progress. My first squad of DAK troops has been painted using my test scheme. I am not totally sold on it, but the nice thing about DAK forces is that a wide variety of uniform colors were present in any given force. My next batch will have more of a sun bleached look. I also painted a JU-87 to accompany them. I know it is not in the tropical scheme, but it will likely see usage for both European and North African theaters of operation.


  1. Always great to see updates from you John. I like the bolt action figures. Something that might make you a bit happier with them, throw on some weathering! Some mud or dust on their pants/boots might give you that extra bit to make you happier with the end result. I think they look good, but the artists eye is always much harsher :).

    1. I am not sure what do to weathering-wise with these. The miniatures are much smaller than 40K miniatures, so it is easy to loose detail. I think the boots will get a coat of sand colored oils. One of the nice things about working with really small miniatures with mushier detail is that 40k stuff feels easy.

      What do you think? Time for me to paint some Blood Angels? ;)

    2. Greg, thanks for the lamp recommendation. I just picked one up and painting is much easier. That was a really good recommendation.

  2. Obviously the Stuka's only just arrived...!