Friday, November 28, 2014

Trees and Bolt Action Jagdpanther

I experimented with my first trees today. In the lazy post thanksgiving haze, I decided to try and copy some trees seen outside my windows. After playing my third BA game on Steve's beautiful table, I decided I should contribute to the terrain pool. If you know of nicer ways to make trees please let me know. I am new to this.

The recipe so far is:

  1. basket black
  2. flat brown and grey 50/50 dusted all over the tree
  3. heavy wash of tamiya x-20a thinner and ancient green earth
  4. JTT foliage clusters 95072

If I had a lighter orange/yellow fine ground covering I would add that as a step 5. I think a lighter color on top of the branches would provide a little needed color variance and shading.

The Jagdpanther was painted in preparation for one of our bolt Action games. My BA models are almost test models for my DKoK force. At this point the color pallet is set for my next 40k army.


  1. Bolt action stuff is looking great man. I am gonna start on some of it soon for tank war. Are the tree stems woodland scenic? Homemade?

  2. I believe those are either JTT or woodland scenics. I bought some of both and mixed and matched. The foliage came from JTT.

  3. Jagdpanther...mmmm I love that tank. Nice job on the weathering again. Your chips have such depth to them.

    You'll be happy to know John, I picked up some oils and mineral spirits! It begins!