Sunday, November 9, 2014

Warlord Games US M3 Halftrack

One of the fun things about playing a new game is that none of us has a stock of fully painted miniatures. Every game is an opportunity to paint additional models to add to the group. Our collective lack of painted models also makes me want to paint models for both sides of the game, ensuring we have some interesting choices on game day. Because the forces are known and the color schemes are not surprising, we can easily mix and match from what we all have available. Hopefully this truck will get to serve with the US Infantry continuing its advance off of the beaches. Our next game table contains bocage, which are dense French hedge groves. I can see this truck following closely behind a Sherman tank, letting the Sherman cut a path through the bocage.

This kit is the plastic m3 kit from Warlord Games. The kit was a bit annoying to put together, and the driver is a bit mushy on the detail, but I am happy with the kit. It is the older all metal kits from Warlord that I would stay away from. Painting was quick easy. The dull coat added a blue tint which I've noted before. I thought it would not be as noticeable, but stands out pretty well. On this model I tried a new technique for the first time. I had been reading about tamiya Buff colored paint, and how a general spray overall added a nice subtle dust appearance. I mixed a roughly 10/1 thinner to paint ratio, and sprayed Buff all over. I think that worked really well. It is subtle enough to not have obliterated my shading, but also ties everything together. As usual powders are all Secret Weapon Miniatures. A second application of powders will be done on the tracks and a few key places such as the fenders.

Just realized that I forgot to add streaking!


  1. I don't think you always have to add streaking John. It could be a better maintained vehicle. (maybe it just arrived via transport, and is just working on hunting the desert fox).

    Oh course I don't know too much about my history to know if this half track would even be in that theater!

    Love how the color modulation really makes those side panels pop. About how much time did you put into this model? (curious as to your speed!)

  2. I think it was around 3 hours of painting. The model is for our Normandy game coming up this Saturday. (hence the eu dirt and not na dust!)

    1. That's really impressive. At the 3 hour mark, I think I finally finished procrastinating and finally sat down to paint :). Snag some photos of the game if you can!