Saturday, March 9, 2013

OOP Forgeworld Lightning

The new Imperial Lightning is pretty cool, but I love the original, and after a slow morning recovering from travel back from London, I decided to dust off (seriously, I had to dust it!) the model and finish up the areas that were unpainted. Despite being painted over the course of many years, I am really satisfied with the model. So why can't I bring myself to ever finish it?   Anyone else like the old IL over the new one?

Ultramarines Stormraven next?

*EDIT misspelled lightning!  Kudos to Somewhatdamaged. :)


  1. That's actually a really nice looking model, I was never really a fan but then I had never seen one in the flesh or painted well, that's a nice paint job on a retro model.

  2. Sorry to be the guy who does this but there's no e in 'lightning'.

    Very nice paintjob on it though.

  3. What a superb paint job! You could never tell the labour spanned years (like many of my projects too). :)

    I agree, both versions are really great, but perhaps I like the new one a little bit better? Tough to decide.