Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Old School Vindicator

I haven't been painting new models recently, but finishing models that were partially completed many months ago. The down side is that my refurbished original Ultramarine tanks do not benefit from my newish painting style. That might bother some, but for the first time in a long time, I simply don't care. I am painting these guys for fun, so if they are a little out of sorts from the new scheme one word comes to mind.


As in meh, don't care.

As in meh, what is a little variance anyway.

As in meh.........drat I do care...I see mold lines.....

I am not going to repaint these guys, but I am going to have fun with oil washes and rain streaks. I might even add all that stowage I started making.

Now back to the bat cave so I can go to work jet lagged by 5 hours.


  1. very nice!
    sponge weathering or salt weathering for the rust?

    just a little rant... a vindicator without dozer blade is only half vindicator ;)

  2. Not seeing the problem, looks pretty darn good... And reminding me I need to get to painting my own Vindicators...

  3. I have one of the old dozer blades painted up, but I thought it was kind of cool seeing the weird barbs on the front of the hull. It does look better with the dozer though.

    The weathering started out as chardon granite sponged on followed by boltgun metal sponged over the top. The rust is FW rust pigment mixed with water with a single drop of thinner in order to break the surface tension of the water.