Sunday, October 28, 2012

WIP Thunderhawk

My Ultramarines air force is coming along nicely. Today I managed to paint up a thunderhawk to the following stage. The decals are drying, and after a quick varnish, I plan to do some heavy weathering using a sponge. I am going to add blast damage along the sides as well. I sill think the storm eagle might look good in Emperor's Children colors.

I rediscovered how much I dislike the boltgun metal replacement. Leadbelcher is just a terrible paint! I advise everyone to stay away from that stuff.

Not bad for 4 hours!


  1. Not bad for four hours work indeed! How did you paint the brown dirt in the recesses? and keep up the good work!

  2. The dirt is just water + thinner + the new GW orange. It looks super orange when it is put on initially, but when it is dry the orange is semi-translucent which makes it brown.

    It is a big beast. I just started sponging on battle damage and had to stop because my arm holding it up starting hurting!

    One more thing, the cannon is a turbo-laser from the shadowsword kit. I figured a longer gun would look better!

  3. looking good. airbrushing vehicles is the only way to fly. i like the gun choice. can't wait to see how the weathering turns out.

  4. That is awesome! It would take me a week to get that far. :) Great work.

  5. That is coming along great! Nice work so far