Monday, October 29, 2012

Thunderhawk WIP2

Someday I am going to have to play Apocalypse, or a really really large game of 30k. In HH, this thing can deliver a 30 man tac squad directly into battle. Too bad I haven't painted any infantry yet!

The hawk has had its first pass of sponged on battle damage. Soot colored weathering powder comes next, however I think I might pause the painting in order to get some troops built.

3 hours till hurricane landfall. Hopefully power won't go out!


  1. Love how you've painted this, any chance you could put up a painting guide? I'm doing a kit-bashed one soon and could do with some pointers.

  2. PM me if you want help. The basic process is to prime the model black and then use an airbrush with increasingly more Ultramarines blue. The key here is an airbrush. Without that I would have no hope finishing this model in a day. Also the painting is hiding all kinds of terrible imperfections in the model, which happens if you are as bad at construction as I am!

    1) Prime black
    2) Black/Regal Blue. Basically a blue tinted black on all of the panels. This is the base colorn of the underside of the model and the recess color for the top and sides.
    3) Regal blue on all side and top panels. This is the base color for the top and sides of the model. Use regal blue like a highlight on the bottom of the model.
    4) Regal Blue/Ultramarines Blue. Edge the panels on the top and sides with this.
    5) Ultramarines blue. This edges the top and front faces of the model
    6) Highlight with Ultramarine blue and space wolves grey on the front edges of each top panel

    7) Step back and be astonished at how easy it was!
    8) Create a very dilute mix of orange and water + thinner or windex. (thinner or windex break the surface tension of the model allowing the wash to drop into the recesses. This wash is used around most rivets or battle damage
    9) Using a blister package sponge, dab chardon granite all over the edges you want to appear damaged. Repeat with boltgun metal over the same areas.

    10) Step back an marvel (this step is optional and highly dependent on whether you thought the process would work in the first place!) :)