Monday, August 31, 2009

On the Painting Table

I hit up Pandemonium games yesterday and picked up a bunch of interesting stuff. I found a bunch of Voystroyans to add to my Imperial Guard army, as well as a female guard model with a grenade launcher. I've been steadily collecting an all female command squad, so this will help. I also found a neat wolf rune priest. I have never played Space Wolves. In fact as Dan Abnett even referenced, I found their fluff a little one dimensional. However, given all the time i have on my hands, and my need to prove I can paint again, I thought it would be fun to give another chapter a go. Wow. I really enjoy painting Space Wolves I have no idea if I will ever paint enough to field them, but I really enjoy it. I converted an AoBR marine to be some kind of blood claw wielding a banner, as well as another marine with PF. I decided to try and stick with older looking armor, since the wolves seem to be the least well equipped. The wolf recipe was pretty easy, and I will post it if anyone is interested. I do have a few more work in progress shots.


  1. Those Space Wolves are looking fantastic.

  2. Thanks, I really appreciate that! I was getting worried that I could not paint anymore. I've actually been following your blog for a bit now. I had the Purity Seal hell a while ago, but I only lost one mini and a tank turret. I can't believe how well the micro flat worked on your marines. Of the new batch, I really love the way you painted the face of the sergeant you have up right now. I wish I could have done that with my Imperial Guard.

  3. Great space wolves ! Recently im thinking about space wolves, maybe I will buy and paint some. You wolf fur cloak looks great, could You tell me your paint scheme for it ?

  4. The fir was the most satisfying part to paint. It really is easy with a good base, one wash, and then some dry brushing. Here goes:

    1) paint Calthan Brown with a soupy consistency over all of the fir
    2) when dry use dev mud wash to fill in the recesses
    3) mix Iyanden Darksun with a little bit of Deheneb Stone to make a slightly lighter shade of yellow. Drybrush very lightly the edges and bottom areas of fir.
    4) mix Deheneb stone with a tiny bit of Darkson and drybrush where you think think things would get worn.

  5. Thanks :) it look really great, might use this scheme in future.