Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Basing With Dirt

It surprises me that more folks painting miniatures don't base with dirt. When I want a dirt like texture, the best way to achieve that is to just use dirt. Nothing complex here at all. I just wander into the median near my home a grab a few spoonfuls of dirt. I use elmers white glue to affix the dirt, and a soft brush to clean off the models afterwards.

Sometimes I don't even paint the dirt.

Dirt: The ultimate weathering powder.


  1. I agree, natural materials make exelent basing material. I am using sand/gravel on my models with out paint. Are you basing the models before paint? even if you are to leave the dirt as is?

  2. A wash of glue to seal it and you are done.

  3. Do you bake the dirt to kill the microbes first?