Friday, October 12, 2018

OOP Metal Scouts & This Weird Ultramarines Captain

I painted these yesterday during a rainy day. These models are old metal space marine scouts, as well as a very iffy space marine captain from the dark days of GW past . I think he looks fit to lead these guys into combat.

Is it time to paint something modern? I'm not sure. My desire to paint old stuff that has lingered for years is still strong.


  1. Nice work! Coming out of the 2nd ed. years myself, I *love* to see the old stuff looking fresh!

  2. Those look great, man! I think the captain model suffers somewhat balance-wise from not having the old metal backpack/cape combo that I think it may have originally come with? Really digging the old school stuff you've been working on!

    1. You’re right. I had forgotten that the cape/backpack even existed. I’ll have to go rummaging around for it. A green cape would make him fit in better with the force as well.

  3. Those are still my favourite Scout Models. The plastics just don't measure up. Great job on them, too. The Captain is an unfortunate victim of 90s casting technology, but you've made the best of what you had to work with there.

  4. I remember the set of these Captains, great old school but iffy pose yes, he’s conducting the attached band, not even looking where he’s waving his sword :) Both look great, nice muted Scout scheme

  5. Yeah, he's like an enraged school master.... I really like him.

    Loving this little group.

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