Thursday, September 27, 2018

Ultramarines Banner WIP

I've had this metal miniature for ages, and while I may not have enjoyed painting it when I first bought it, It is quite enjoyable now. I think the trick has been to have no expectations. This miniature is being painted in the same carefree way as the rest of the squad, and I think these early photos are starting to show the advantages of that. Like before, this guy was airbrushed and then wet-blended and glazed. I'm looking forward to having the united completed so I can see it all together and compare my regular style to it.


  1. Great so far! I like the subtle highlighting the airbrush achieves

  2. I dig it - That was always one of my favorite banner bearer models. Good stuff!

  3. John Stiening, bringing a whole meaning to 'carefree'.

    He looks a million dollars.