Sunday, June 17, 2018

Warlord Titan Photos

I'm still struggling to get photos of this beast. It was glaring bright in DC today, so even with the blinds closed I couldn't keep the reflections down. My plan for tomorrow is to just build a giant light box, so I'm not at the whim of the time of day. Still, I'm fairly happy with this photo, even if the legs are out of focus. 


  1. Looks awesome mate! And so quickly done.

  2. That thing's pretty insane, man. It looks really good

  3. Hey John, I absolutely love the Warlord that is up on the 2018 Raffles. Is there any chance I can ask you an additional favor and host a banner for the 2018 Summer Raffles on your site. If so can you please shoot me an email at

    Sorry for off topic comment, I could not find an email address here on the site.