Thursday, June 14, 2018

Designing a Table For Epic Armageddon

I've just started playing around with layouts on this 2x2 board. Eventually there will be four of them to make up a table.  Having cast some foundations it makes sense now to smash them up and place them into the ruined city board. I may make a mould of the this whole 2x2 and then just add buildings and debris as needed.


  1. Why not try angle all the buildings 45degrees to get a more intersting city layout with a more X pattern instead of + patterns?
    It should force the players to move to get firelanes instead of starting in perfect fire positions

    1. That is a good idea. Initially my goal was to design a tile that I could cast entirely, hence the traditional layout. The idea was to make one foundation tile and then cast it four time. By rotating the entire board, it should block off existing road line of sight.

    2. Ah. Yes, I can see that, having noted your comment. So you really want simplicity with a fairly low level of relief to make that work (?)

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